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Chairman & CEO

CEO Kim Dong-Jin


I am Kim Dong-Jin, President and Chairman of iA Inc.

I extend my sincerest appreciation to all customers and shareholders for their strong support and encouragement of us

We will exert the best efforts to turn iA Inc. into a global automotive non-memory semiconductor company. and place it on a robust growth path

Automobiles are evolving into cutting-edge electronics incorporating the IT(Information Technology), shifting away from simple assembly of mechanical parts. It is non-memory semiconductor technology that drives the trends towards electronic and intelligent automobiles. Demand for semiconductors has been skyrocketing amid the evolution of automobiles. Korea still has reliance on imported semiconductors for automotive applications despite the rising demand for automotive semiconductors and the nation’s status as global automobile powerhouse. However, Korea has successfully developed the world’s best semiconductors in the field of automotive semiconductors where there is still a dependence on imports. This raises expectation for technological self-reliance

iA Inc. is proceeding constantly with development of indigenous automotive semiconductors based on excellent technologies and stands at the forefront of efforts in a broad range of areas from automobile-related infotainment to body/chassis application. Now, iA, Inc. will take the lead in promoting technological independence in the field of automotive semiconductors currently being dominated by developed countries, thus bringing a sea change to the landscape of future automobile sector. iA Inc. will continue to expand localization and development, improve technologies relentlessly, and promote various cooperative relationship, so that it can be transformed into a global non-memory automotive semiconductor companyand solidify its leading position. Moreover, iA has huge expectations for future growth of key industries such as multimedia and internet phone industries.

iA Inc. will maintain the balance between those business areas and automotive semiconductor sector to further improve business performance and bring greater customer satisfaction. iA, Inc. will be at the heart of the automobile sector and join the ranks of global top 10 non-memory semiconductor company to reciprocate the trust and support of our customers and shareholders.


  • Dong-Jin K

    [金東晋, Dong-Jin KIM]

  • Education

    • 1968Graduated from Gyeonggi High School
    • 1972Mechanical Engineering (Master’s Degree), Seoul National University
    • 1988Department of Industry Management Engineering, College of Engineering, Finley University in the United States (PhD. In Engineering)
  • Career

    • 1972 ~ 1978Agency for Defense Development
    • 1979 ~ 1996Managing Director of Hyundai Precision & Industry Company, Ltd.
    • 1997 ~ 1999President of Hyundai Space and Aircraft Co., Ltd.
    • 2000 ~ 2001President in charge of Commercialization Business, Hyundai Motor Company Co., Ltd.
    • 2001 ~ 2003President of Hyundai Motor Company Co., Ltd.
    • 2003 ~ 2008President & Vice-Chairman of Hyundai Motor Company Co., Ltd.
    • 2009 ~ 2009President & Vice-Chairman of Hyundai Mobis Co., Ltd.
    • 2010. 03 ~President & Chairman of iA, Inc.
    • 1999 ~ 2002Chairman of Korean Association of Geographic Information Technology
    • 2003 ~ 2005Chairman of Korea Automobile Manufacturers Association
    • 2015 ~Chairman of Korea Engineers Club
    • 2015 ~Chairman of Korea Power Device Industry Association
  • Prize & Medals

    • 1985Awarded the Order of National Security Merit
    • 2002Awarded the Gold Tower Oder of Industrial Service Merit on the Day of International Trade
    • 2002Prize of Best CEO (Hankyung Business)
    • 2003CEO of This Year (Hankyung Business, Towers Perrin)
    • 2004Prize in the 36th Korea Executives’ Award (Korea Management Association)
    • 2004CEO of This Year(Hankyung Business, Towers Perrin)
    • 2007Techno CEO of This Year (Ministry of Science and Technology, Korea Industrial Technology Association)