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Talents & Personnel Management

Young talents of Korea, capable of turning their dreams and visions into reality in this era of unlimited competition and de-standardization

Personnel Management Policy

Principle of Personnel Management

We are operating the personnel management system promoting co-growth of the Company

Employees by providing them with tangible rewards commensurate with their performance based on fair and objective appraisal, along with utmost support which is provided to induce employees to fully demonstrate their ability in the fields of their specialization.


Wage & Compensation System

We are operating annual wage system for all employees to increase professionalism, job efficiency and productivity, providing compensation proportional to their achievement and competency.

iA, Inc. applies initial annual wage to the newly-employed based on differential rates of pay for each professional field and pursues performance-based compensation system.

iA, Inc. operates the profit-sharing(PS) system according to objective and fair standards based on results of settlement of accounts each year in order to induce each employee to take the initiative and become even more enthusiastic towards their works.

Welfare System

Insurance Support National pension, national health insurance, employment insurance, industrial accident insurance
Health Examination Support for annual health examination of all employees
Gift of Cash for Congratulations and Condolences Gift of cash and congratulation/condolence leave for various occasions(of employees and their families), including the wedding/60th birthday celebration
Cafeteria Provision of lunch and dinner
Reward and Leave for Long-Serving Workers Reward and leave for long-serving workers in the company
Reward for Employee with Excellent Monthly Performance Reward and leave for employee with excellent monthly performance
5-day Workweek System 5-day Workweek System
Support for Physical Training Use of fitness club supported by the company for physical health